Red Tour Manila #tb!!! #LongLiveRed!!!!

Yayyy forgot the name but it’s really cool. I think it’s extravaganza something Loom Bands, Bracelet by Anna Belarmino on EyeEm

Peace yeahh by Anna Belarmino on EyeEm

It’s a metaphor

It’s been a while.. And yet I still somehow feel the pain that once lingered in my body.. But I’m quite sure it diminished by, I think, half of the complete calculations of the pain I felt. ✌️ Maybe now, it’s not yet wholly gone but in time it’ll be ashes that surely be disintegrated into the winds and that will be blown away from me until I feel no more pain and that I can feel the wind without the ashes that once hold me back from breathing calmly and that I can finally feel the relaxing air that I have forgotten since the day I forget how to live 😔

Tell me when it kicks in.. by Anna Belarmino on EyeEm

Gahd Jake 😂✌️

KIM SOO HYUN by Anna Belarmino on EyeEm

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