"Ed has a song that he’s obsessed with called Bad Blood, and Ella likes a song called Welcome To New York - that’s her favourite I think. It’s awesome because both of them are such amazing songwriters so when they kind of raise their hand and go “that one, that one, that one”, it’s a cool moment."

Taylor Swift on what Ed and Lorde’s favourite songs are off 1989 (x)

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Ay naka.

Sobrang natatakot ako lumipas yung panahon. Seryoso. Pero ayokong isipin dapat positive lang. Alam ko di mangyayari yung mga naiisip ko. Kahit sobrang natatakot ako. Hayy sana pag tanda ko or pag nagkatrabaho ako tas matanda na sila nanay sana kaya ko silang alagaan. Sana walang magkasakit samin. Kasi di ko kaya :( Nanunuod lang ako ngayon pero dalang dala ko. Yung luha ko hanggang Saudi Arabia

"You have to die a few times before you can really

 Charles BukowskiThe People Look Like Flowers at Last (via feellng)

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I got this feelingssss for u

What you resist, persist. Wow, if this really is true I should not be resisting this feeling I have right now. Huhu but I know this should not exist because it is so wrong. I, myself know this is wrong. But every time I’m w him, I feel good and it feels so right. Lol jk no, I think I’m crazy


They thought I’m fine and yes I am. It’s good I am but I still feel tired every time. I want to be somewhere far. Somewhere that no one knows me. Somewhere that I could do anything I want and no one will stop me. I want to start something new, erase everything and be brand new 💞

I’m having this selfish thought because I feel so exhausted and burned out. I don’t want to do things routinely and repeat every single thing and task every fucking day. This whole thing tires me so much and I am hating it.

"You and I redefined being lovesick 💞"